Head Googling?

A conversation between me and my roommate, Tomato:

Me: I wish you could search things inside your head. It would be like google, but without a computer and much more convenient.

Tomato: That’d be really cool. But you wouldn’t ever be able to tell if people were telling the truth or not.

Me: Ooh! But you would be able to cite your sources too. That way you’d know when someone was lying!

Tomato: Yes. And finding things out would be so much faster.

Me: We’re so smart. I wish I had a blog so I could blog about times when we have these awesome brilliant conversations.

…Which is basically how I go the idea to do this. So here’s my blog, where I’m going to post things that I need to just get out of my head and organized, or when my roommate and I have another brilliant conversation, or when I have one of my abstract thoughts that only I could come up with, or when I just want to post something.


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