Pampers for the Suited Men

Every Monday evening during my break from work, I meet a friend of mine  in the downstairs lobby of my dorm and we eat dinner together.  Today I waited for her downstairs at one of the cushy chairs watching people pass by, and here comes this group of guys walking past me.  There are probably about six of them.  They’re all looking snazzy wearing their suits, which is not uncommon for a Monday night at UNL because that’s when all the fraternities and sororities have their weekly ‘Monday Night Meetings’.  So thus far it’s a pretty normal occurrence, until I hear one of the guys shout out, “THE C-STORE SELLS PAMPERS, RIGHT?”  [the C-Store is the convenience store on the first floor of our dorm]

Did I hear this correctly?  Did a large man wearing a backpack, suit and dress pants just question the C-Store’s Pamper-selling habits?   So now I’m eavesdropping.  One of the other guys gives him a quick response of, “No, doofus. We have to go out and buy them.”

Huh??  The rest of the conversation goes as follows…

  • But I forgot my wallet!  I can’t buy Pampers without my wallet!  [and then he looks over at one of his friends] So-and-so, can you get me some?  [and then like 3 other guys also ask the friend to buy them Pampers too.]
  • Dude.  I don’t have enough money to buy you all Pampers!  Go get your own!
  • Man…  what should we do?  We need to get them soon!
  • Alright.  How about this…  We eat dinner now, then go to Meeting, and then we’ll have time to all go get them.

It takes a moment, but all the guys finally take this in and are all “oh right.  Good idea.  I guess we don’t have to get them right now.”  And then they all walk up the stairs into the dining hall!

Okay.  I’m sure that they’re having some sort of fundraiser or drive where they have to all pitch in and brink baby things to donate, but still.  That was the funniest conversation I had heard all day, especially coming from macho guys  wearing all black.


This is completely irrelevant, but I painted my toes last night, and they look freaking awesome.


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