week update and such thoughts

This has been such a long week; so many things have happened! Monday wasn’t very eventful.  But on Tuesday I had an adventure walking around East Campus, where we ate some DELICIOUS FOOD from the grill, saw a giant metal plow, and had ice cream at the Dairy Store (which was much easier to find than we thought it would be).




Wednesday afternoon was a sad day for me.  Last month I submitted an application and attended a long, tiring interview process for a Resident Assistant (RA) position for the 2012-13 school year.  Letters were handed out on Wednesday to determine whether we were offered a position, given an alternate position (which basically means that you fit all qualifications for the job but they didn’t have enough positions to hire you, so you’re kind of just on a waiting list just in case someone who they hire isn’t able to take the position), or if you were denied a position.  I opened my envelope to read that I was given an alternate position…  Which, though I was hoping and praying for a position, is okay.  I was very upset at first, but then I started to but things into perspective.  It means that since that at the moment I won’t be an RA, I can start to get excited and plan to live in Courtyards (apartment style dorms on campus) with my current room-mate and another friend of ours.  I’ll also have a FILL-SIZED kitchen next year, and since I’m not the best cook, I’ll be able to start practicing!

Thursday was just another boring day, but I did do some much-needed laundry.

And now it’s Friday.  Today I was looking into the whole ruckus that pinners have been posting on Pinterest about its Terms & Conditions.  I looked into this and found some articles that explained it all a little better…

First I found an article about THIS blog post.  Both of them explain the issues pretty well, I prefer the blog post though, as though it’s her first hand account of what happened.  She also seems to be very positive about the situation, making me think that the issue will be resolved soon and that I didn’t have to worry about deleting the majority of my pins.  But then, I came across this article, which says that there are other issues with Pinterest as well??  This can’t be good, and makes me want to re-think the website.  Though I do love it and spend a lot of time on it, for now I’ll be much more careful with what I’m pinning, aware that it could turn into something bad pretty quickly.  With so many different sources giving their opinion on of the website and how it has its problems, now I’m thinking about what other things we do on the internet that are much more potentially harmful that most people realize…  In summary, BE CAREFUL.

On a happier note, it’s the weekend!


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