St Patty’s Day has disappeared.

So last week, my English teacher told us that if on Wednesday we bring in a St-Patrick’s-Day-related-snack to share with the class that she’ll give us some extra credit points. [yes, this is a college-level course, but hey. I’ll take it!] Thinking that this should be the easiest extra credit assignment in the world, I went to the wonderful Target this weekend to pick up some green sprinkle cookies or lolly pops or something.

Well… the Target in my area is doing come sort of re-modeling this season and is slowly moving around the store, section by section. Last week it was cosmetics and beauty, and this week, come to find out, is the front half of the grocery section! They didn’t have one single st-patty’s-day-themed snack [or really anything st-patty’s-day-themed] in the entire store- and believe me, I looked.”That’s okay” I think to myself (or maybe I said that out loud, I don’t really remember), I’ll just make something look like it’s st-patty’s-day-themed. I ended up picking out a bug cylinder of Butter Toffee popcorn, because who doesn’t like Butter Toffee popcorn??

What I’m thinking is that I’ll be artsy and decorate the tube. I can easily just get a piece of paper and sharpie it or get out my colored pencils or something. Whatever I end up doing, it’s going to be very st-patty’s-day-themed and I’m going to get that extra credit! I’ll post pics when I’m done.


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