i’m mara, a college student in nebraska who grew up in texas. i am an artist among other things and also a pre-nursing major who loves everything medical/health-related.

originally when i started this blog, i did not have much of a plan for it. there’s a constant stream of thoughts going through my head at all times though, and i decided that i needed a place to share them. i imagined that this would be like an online journal or something, and i would just go with it and see what i come up with, logging my thoughts and adventures here. but after a few posts i started to realize that it needed a theme and a personality. Around that same time, i could not get art off my mind and my blog took on a new purpose to help me get re-connect with the artist inside of me. you can read about it here.

purpleinpaisley isn’t explicitly devoted to my art though. i’ll still post things about my life, what’s going on and random thoughts that i have, so please read on!


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