it’s like where’s waldo, except with my whimsy

My ART whimsy is gone and I have no idea where it went.

Saturday night I sat down at my desk to do some art, ready to relax and escape into my own creativeness for a while. Instead I just became very frustrated. I tried to draw my face from a picture I had on my computer- a face that I am all too familiar with after watching it look at me in the mirror as it followed my every move for almost 19 years. “This’ll be easy,” I thought to myself before starting the drawing. But nope! To my dismay, the face drawn on my paper didn’t look a bit like me, nor was it up to the quality of work I am used to producing. I decided maybe I should try drawing something else, so after picking out a photo of my Lumberjack (boyfriend) and myself from our trip to SeaWorld over spring break, I attempted to draw it out in pencil. It too was… not good, awful actually by far not my best work. It looked so not good, in fact, that I’m not even going to show you. My attempts in fixing it failed as well. SeaWorld drawing was a flop.

What happened to my artsiness?? I don’t know specifically where it went, but I want it back right now, thank you very much.

I’m trying to justify why these two pieces of art were so disappointing. What at first came to me as a surprise is now very clear. Even though I wish so much that ART was more like riding a bicycle (you know- how you can put a bicycle down for years, but once you learn how to ride, it’s something that stays with you. You never forget it), that is not the case. ART is a talent that needs constant practice and fine tuning. It’s one thing to have the skills to be an artist; it’s something completely different to actually use them.

Plus also- I remembered that I’m not that great at drawing faces in the first place, so I need to practice faces more. Drawing those faces as small as I did on Saturday also did not help their outcomes. They were so small that it was difficult to add in the right shading and details that they really needed in order to shine like real art should. Plus, I didn’t print out the images like I usually do for reference to my drawings; instead I just looked at them on my computer (not so good of an idea).

Now that I’m really making a point to focus becoming a better artist again, I realize that I really haven’t had a good warm up before trying to draw/sketch/paint in a long time, at least not since my last official art class before coming to college. And that was at the end of last spring! I need to remember the skills that my wonderful art teacher (Betsi) taught me and go back to fine tune my ‘art-brain,’ as she would call it. I need to find my whimsy again.

So can you tell what my next few pieces of art will most likely be?? FACES. Because I feel the need to practice them, I printed off some pictures of my sister and me, one of my best friend, one of just me, and several of The Dog. My plan is to draw them as best as I can with as much detail as I can, filling each page with ART. It may take a few weeks to get them all done, but I know it will help me fine tune my art brain again. And of course, it goes without saying that I’ll also make sure to warm up next time I sit down to ART something, to get my creative side awake again. J

There’s more ART coming soon, promise. Along with a whole lot of whimsy, because I now have a pretty good idea as to where to find it.

P.S. [funny quote the roommate said while trying to give me ideas of what to draw: “I want you to draw the Michelin Man. And we can put him on our door. With the metal chicken.” –Tomato]